Koum Kapi

Situated in the historic and beautiful Koum Kapi district, CIEL Collection Koum Kapi Suites is just five minutes from the city centre. It takes only a 15-minute trip to enjoy scenic walks along the narrow harbour or find yourselves on the island’s most popular beaches. Whether you wish to stay in town or escape away to magical beaches, your choices are countless!

Koum Kapi is one of those neighbourhoods steeped in history and exquisite beauty. During the Venetian occupation, Venetians constructed an artificial peninsula on which they built a bastion, nowadays going by its Turkish name: Kum Kapi, meaning sand gate, which comes from the Italian sabbionara and was given because this was the only way out on the sandy beach, as walls surrounded the whole town. The fort is still called ‘Koum Kapi’ (in Greek spelling), initially named so during the Ottoman rule. The Sand Gate is the sole Venetian fortification, out of three in total, that’s still standing.

Chania Old Town

CIEL Collection Koum Kapi lies at a stone’s throw from the beautiful Old Town of Chania. Take a walk through the small and picturesque town’s alleyways and backstreets, meet the hospitable locals and listen to their stories about the city. Drink some raki with them, a special treat, and let the magnificent scenery with blooming flowers, mansions and traditional shops all around you soak in.

However, the Old Town’s real gem is the Venetian harbour with the lighthouse commanding its centre. Marvel at the oldest lighthouse in the Mediterranean, and one of the oldest in the world surviving to this day. Walk along the jetty and experience a different view of the Old Town and the White Mountains. Once done with your walk, relax in a café or tavern overlooking the lighthouse and the vast sea and enjoy the idyllic scenery that stretches out in front of you.


CNN ranked Elafonisi amongst eleven of the best beaches in the world for its crystal clear waters. An unusually tranquil beach, with pink sands that amazes thousands of visitors each year and is only one and a half hour away from the CIEL Collection Koum Kapi.

Balos Lagoon

The lagoon of Balos is located at the north western end of the Chania prefecture, on the Cape of Gramvousa and is one of the most photographed and exotic beaches on the island; a must visit! Its unique water shades of blue and green, due to differing sea depth, and white sand, actually beautifully pinkish in places, will sure overwhelm you. An ideal destination for families with children as the sea is quite shallow and warm.

Access the beach by boat from Kissamos or by car along a dirt road. Optionally, there is a mountain trail starting from Kaliviani and leading to Balos. It’s a good 3 hours hike till you reach your destination, but the view from above is unique and the scenery is stunning. Whichever way you choose, it sure is worth visiting the place, for its beauty will enchant you!


Falasarna is known for its crystal clear, shallow waters and for its sandy beach stretching for miles. Ideal just for a swim or even go snorkelling. Falassarna makes part of the Natura 2000 network due to its natural beauty and diversity in flora and fauna.

Seitan Limania

Seitan Limania or Stephanos Beach is a 20 km drive from Chania… A small paradise on earth, seriously worth visiting! Essentially, the beach is but a small fjord, i.e. a strip of sea entering the land; its blue-green waters and white sand form an idyllic and exotic setting. You can get there by driving down a winding road, while the beach is accessible through a dirt trail. It may sound exhausting, but the view and beach is surely worth the while!

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